Products Natural Wall & Ceiling Paint Auro 751 - Lime-Casein Wall Paint
Auro 751

Lime-Casein Wall Paint


Natrural wall paint in powder form: This solvent-free white, satin mat wall paint is suited for (almost) all wall surfaces inside: woodchip wallpaper, loam rendering, gypsum plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, lime and cement rendering, lime sand brickwork. Not suitable for damp rooms.
Just mix with water, preferably with a paint stirrer attached to the drill. If you want to add some colour: The ready-mixed paint can be tinted with Auro Lime tinting base no. 350.

40 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Plastic Free

Emmission Free

Compostable residue

Dilute with water

Recyclable Packaging


Stir 3 kg powder in 3l water. Allow to swell for 30 minutes and stir well with a paint stirrer. Apply 2-3 coats, allowing for 24 hours of drying time between coats. Carefully cover adjacent areas.

In wet state, the coating appears transparent but dries up to a slightly cloudy, white surface. After mixing, the paint can be tinted with up to 20 % of AURO Lime tinting base No. 350.

VOC Level: 0 g/l.

Breathability: SD value < 0,05 m

Wipeability: Unclassified


Calcium hydroxide, Cellulose, Milk casein, Mineral Fillers, Sodium bicarbonate, Titanium dioxide