Products Natural Wall & Ceiling Paint Auro 326 - Chalk Paint
Auro 326

Chalk Paint


Traditional interior wall paint based on aged slake lime: wiping resistant, breathable, odour absorbing and solvent-free. Specially designed for rooms with large moisture and temperature fluctuations such as cellars, basement and laundry rooms. Transparent during its application but white when dry. Suitable for coatings on surfaces containing lime and cement, loam rendering, woodchip wallpaper or old chalk or silicate paints. If you want to add some colour, tint with AURO Lime tinting base no. 350.

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable


Plastic Free

Emmission Free

Brush, roller, spray

Compostable residue

Vegan Friendly

Dilute with water


For the prime coat, dilute the paint with 20% water, then apply up to three undiluted coats of paint. Allow for 24 hours of drying time between coats.
This traditional paint, based on slaked lime, is perfectly suited for application in rooms with high or varying temperatures and humidity.

VOC Level: 0 g/l.

Breathability: SD value < 0,05 m

Wipeability: Unclassified

Allergies: MI free


Calcium hydroxide, Cellulose, Mineral Fillers, Water