Products Preparation & Repair Auro 506 - Grip Coat, Granulated
Auro 506

Grip Coat, Granulated


Problem solver for all difficult substrates: This presevative-free, granulated primer provides better adhesion for follow-up coatings on interior and exterior surfaces. The biogenic binding agent Replebin®* guarantees a product with zero emission and high-grade product characteristics: overcoatable after 4-6 hours already, diffusion-open, little inclination to dripping and splashing. This odour-free primer can be applied with a brush or roller and then recoated with all AURO wall paints and plasters. On interior surfaces, one primer coat is sufficient. Prime exterior surfaces twice and then overcoat with AURO High-grade lime paint no. 344. Can be tinted for interior application with AURO Full-shade tinting colours no. 330 (up to 10 %).

*Replebin® is a legally protected development, a result of AURO’s own research. Our binding agent Replebin® is independently certified as emission-free. The product is compliant with the AgBB standard.

60 m2
120 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Skin Safe

Plastic Free

Emmission Free

Compostable residue

Vegan Friendly

Recyclable residue

On interior surfaces, apply one coat, on exterior walls two coats. Apply evenly with a brush or roller, then coat the surface with the AURO plaster or wall paint of your choice.
The grip coat is also available in a granulated version. It depends on the desired surface structure if the fine or the granulated Grip coat is used.

VOC Level: < 1 g/l.

Breathability: SD value < 0,1 m

Allergies: MI free

Cellulose, Mineral Fillers, Potassium silicate, Replebin, Silicate, Surfactants made of rapeseed and castor oils, Titanium dioxide, Water