Products Floors & Wood Auro 125 - One off Oil Wax
Auro 125

One off Oil Wax


With just one application, an oiled and waxed surface of excellent quality and durability is achieved. The product is suitable for the task, solvent-free and can be applied easily with a roller. It is suitable for untreated or pre-oiled wooden furniture or floors. After polishing off – within 1 hour of application – you have a perfect surface, which can be wiped over with a damp cloth after one day. The surfaces are very easycare: simply clean with Floor Cleaner No. 427 and maintain with Floor Care Emulsion No. 431.

30 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Skin Safe


Plastic Free

Emmission Free

Brush, roller, spray

Child & pet safe


Vegan Friendly

Recyclable Packaging

Apply to the wooden floor with a roller and polish the surface within 60 minutes.
AURO Floor cleaner no. 427 is recommended for the regular cleaning of the low-maintenance surface. For the lasting care of the surface, the AURO Floor care emulsion no. 431 is perfectly suited.

VOC Level: ≤ 1 g/l

Breathability: Microporous

Wipeability: Washable

Allergies: MI free

Carnauba wax, Castor oil, Drying agents, metal soaps, Fatty acids, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Linseed oil, Mineral Fillers, Sunflower oil, Tung Oil, Wood oil