Products Preparation & Repair Auro 461 - Stripping Paste
Auro 461

Stripping Paste


This stripping paste is the ideal solution for removing old oil, natural resin and alkyd resin coatings from wood, wooden materials and rendering. The paste uses natural solvents to soften the old layers for removal and can be reapplied until all old paint is removed.

Naturally occurring raw materials

Plastic Free

Vegan Friendly

Recyclable packaging

Apply undiluted and sparingly with a brush or spatula and remove the dissolved layer after approximately two hours. Repeat if necessary. Wash and neutralise the surface thoroughly.
Due to the aggressive effect of the product, wear gloves during the application and preferably use old or corrosion-resistant tools.



Allergies: MI free but may cause allergic reaction and is caustic.

Alcohol, Liquid ammonia, Citrate, Eucalyptus oil, Linseed oil, Orange oil, Water, Wheat flour, Wine vinegar