Products Preparation & Repair Auro 380 - Natural Resin Universal Adhesive
Auro 380

Natural Resin Universal Adhesive


Universal adhesive made of natural latex milk and natural resins for versatile applications inside: bonding of linoleum, cork, textile floor coverings, natural fibre carpets, ceramic tiles in dry areas and natural stone tiles.

4 m2
17 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Skin Safe

Plastic Free

Compostable residue

Recyclable Packaging

Apply evenly to the entire surface with a toothed spatula. Embed material to be bonded, e.g. ceramic tiles, cork, linoleum, press down the entire surface, smooth over, treat by roller, and rework again after 20-30 minutes.
The glue is also suited for glueing natural fibre carpeting with jute or natural latex backing. Remove excessive adhesive and adhesive stains while still wet with water, if necessary, add a little Plant soap.

VOC Level: ≤ 1 g/l

Breathability: Microporous

Allergies: Contains MI

Cellulose, Colophony glycerol ester, Linseed oil, Milk casein, Mineral Fillers, Potash, Swelling clay, Thiazole, Water