Products Preparation & Repair Auro 389 - Wallpaper Paste
Auro 389

Wallpaper Paste


For professional and DIY use: for pasting thin and some heavy wallpaper types. Just mix the powder made of pure (beech) methyl cellulose with water.

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Skin Safe

Plastic Free

Compostable residue

Vegan Friendly

Dilute with water

Recyclable packaging

Add powder to cold water evenly and stir until lump-free. Allow to swell for 1 hour and stir well again. Use up prepared glue within 3 days. Surfaces can be overcoated after 24 hours.
The glue is suited for lightweight to heavy paper-backed wallpapers. The mixing ratio varies, from 1:50 to 1:80, depending on the type of wallpaper to be glued. For details, please see the product label.

VOC Level: < 1 g/l.

Breathability: Microporous

Allergies: MI free