Natural Credentials

AURO have a reputation as the only paint makers in the world using exclusively natural materials They have been perfecting paint for over 30 years with a consistent focus on sustainability and certified carbon neutral production. Using ONLY plant extracts, natural mineral and earth pigments, AURO have created matt paints which do not contain ANY plastic. The paints are so pure they are compostable. AURO paint is the most ecologically responsible choice.

Natural Health

AURO natural paints are free of toxic chemicals and harmful emissions. They are mainly emission so you can sleep in the room as soon as it’s been painted. Many are classified as ‘suitable for allergy sufferers’ by the Institute for Environment and Health. AURO Natural paints have passed some of the strictest air quality tests in the world. AURO fully declares the ingredients used in every product

Natural Performance

A high-quality range of easy-to-apply natural paints which offer excellent durability and are wipeable. AURO Natural Paints are up to 20 times more breathable than some modern acrylic paints, allowing your building to regulate its moisture levels and improve indoor air quality. Beautiful, natural colours to soothe and inspire you and transform your room while protecting your building.

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