AURO’s active protection of invaluable biological richness. We see it as a real problem for humanity that the most important base substance of modern chemistry and its ubiquitous products is the non-renewable and heavily polluting,  raw material, petroleum.

However, the future of chemistry will have to be different: In the long run, the chemical sector, just like energy providers, will have to rely on a variety of resources. The best raw materials for a ‘future chemistry’ are already present in our biosphere, in an enormous richness of species; we know them as the world of plants. For this reason, AURO is a company that has been developing advanced raw material science since 1983.

Social Responsibility

Business is part of life for almost all mankind and how we conduct it is important. We should look after our workforces, we should ensure that our products our beneficial to people and we should understand the far reaching human impacts of our choice of raw materials.

AURO UK is fully conversant with the requirements of the 2015 Modern Slavery Act and complies to it while setting a high value on procurement that actively protects indigenous lifestyles – an example would be the harvesting of dammar resin from meranti trees by the people of Sumatra and other areas of South Asian rain forest. Not only does this protect the way of life chosen by the local people, but by deriving their livelihood in this way they will help protect the rain forest from logging, providing a vital defence against global warming and thereby benefiting all people.

Economics and Ecology

AURO is a family business, now in its second generation. It is growing on the back of strong sales and a strong ethical standpoint.

If economics is ‘household management’ ecology is the ‘house’. It is self evident that the two are inextricably linked and that if the house is not properly looked after the household management will have less and less effect.

That is why we view it as good business sense to protect the environment, ‘our house’, as a part of our commercial activity. This is what makes it obvious to us that petrochemistry, relying on a heavily polluting finite resource, is a dead end. It is also why we regard the customer’s health as our concern, as well as theirs.