Products Natural Wall & Ceiling Paint Auro 555 - Premium Wipeable Emulsion, Coloured
Auro 555

Premium Wipeable Emulsion, Coloured


As a coloured wall and ceiling paint, the 555 COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium Natural Emulsion is the perfect choice with 80 shades available from our standard colour chart and more available by request from our Professional Colour Fan of 800 colours. We mix our paints with an automatic dosing system using only earth and mineral pigments finely ground into pastes.
This is why the colours differ in price – our rarest mineral pigment is 10 times more expensive than our most abundant earth pigment.

25 m2
50 m2
100 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly breathable

Skin safe


Plastic free

Emmission free

Brush, roller, spray

Child and pet safe

Compostable Residue

Dilute with water

Recyclable Packaging

On new plaster, lining paper or highly or irregularly absorptive substrates prime with AURO Plaster primer no. 301 or a mist coat of Wall paint diluted with 10% water. A coat of AURO Grip Coat no. 505 may be needed for difficult to cover new gypsum plaster. Subsequently, apply two  coats (or three for deeper colours) of Wall paint with at least 6 hours between coats.
For a perfect painting result, first paint the carefully masked edges and corners, and immediately afterwards paint the rest of the area with a roller. Apply the paint liberally and always work to a wet edge. Two coats will suffice if applied in this way.

Dark colours require careful use, always prepare with a coat of Gripcoat 505, followed by the two coats of 555. Please also remember that pigment heavy colours look incredibly rich and beautiful but like rich and beautiful people they don’t always take knocks all that well and so should be treated with care – scratches will show!

VOC Level: < 1 g/l.

Breathability: SD value < 0,1 m

Wipeability: Class 2-3 according to the depth of pigmentation



Castor oil, Cellulose, Replebin, Surfactants made of rapeseed oil, Liquid ammonia, Mineral pigments, Titanium dioxide, Thiazole, Water, Mineral Fillers